Vision camera building

Message from CEO

"Based on high competitiveness of technology and rapid expansion of sales, we will make a  myth  of  Vision  in  the  field  of  CCTV security camera industry."

The word of "Vision" menas a desirable figure of future. In order to improve an ability concerning  "Vision",  it is needed  a  desirable company that see through the changes of future circumstances, especially brought by Science technology development, and deal flexibly with them.

Vision CCTV Co., Ltd. started as a "manufacturer of CCTV camera" in Sep. 1997. And then we  developed  the world  first  &  smallest 1/3" CCD Camera Module. When we ever  manufactured  CCTV  cameras  for  customers’  satisfaction,  all  members  of  Vision  have worked  as  one  harmoniously  to  be  a  leader  of  the  21st  century  in  the  related  industries  based  on  continuous  technology development and stable growth & employment. And, after all, we have been achieving our goal with rapid growth.

Vision CCTV Co.,Ltd has led the market of CCTV security camera and related sectors in perfect preparation. Based on high competitiveness of technology and we have achieved a rapid expansion of sales in 2001, 2002 and we  will  be  one of best manufacturer in the world who will lead the  market  with  new  technology  and  innovative  products  in  2003.  And,  with further step, as "Vision" connoted we will continuously create new value for the benefit of security industry.

In the end, We will do our best to be a company, Vision CCTV Co.,Ltd, trusted with the best  quality  and  loved  by  society  through new knowledge and value creativity.

Thanks, CEO of Vision CCTV Co., Ltd Mr James Baek.